Our Services

The Western Australian Road Transport Association (WARTA) is a member based, member directed, registered not-for-profit association and registered training organisation (RTO). As an association, our primary aim is to develop a unified voice for the Road Transport and Logistics Industry in Western Australia.

What We Aim to Achieve

WARTA aims to increase recognition for the Transport & Logistics Industry, amongst governments and regulatory agencies and, promote community awareness of the industry’s role and objectives. WARTA endeavours to develop and promote industry accreditation initiatives, programs, products and services to enhance the professionalism, safety and efficiency of the Transport & Logistics Industry in WA. We work collaboratively with industry bodies and governments, at all levels, to develop improved business and operating conditions for the Transport & Logistics Industry in Western Australia.

We, at WARTA, ensure the Transport & Logistics Industry delivers a community dividend through enhanced productivity, safety and environmental standards. WARTA provides and promotes nationally recognised, accredited and customised training and development services for the Transport & Logistics Industry. Additionally, we work in collaboration with other credible training & educational organisations to facilitate a seamless, integrated service for all of the Transport & Logistics Industry.

WARTA, in conjunction with other instrumentalities facilitates and promotes educative and awareness initiatives designed to improve the safety and welfare of the motoring public specifically and the Transport & Logistics Industry in general. WARTA continues to develop, maintain and continually improve appropriate databases to support these objects and customer service requirements.

The Power of Membership

WARTA is a registered not-for-profit, member based and member driven Association, which serves the Western Australian road transport and logistics sector. WARTA has a large diverse membership that covers all areas of the road transport sector, including but not limited to – general freight, line haul, grain carters, over-size over-mass vehicles, pilots and petroleum hauliers. As the recognised peak body for the Road Transport sector in Western Australia we meet the needs of our members through advocacy when dealing with Government or the Business Sector. WARTA is the Voice of the Transport Industry in Western Australia and has been serving our membership for over 104 years.

WARTA has numerous business initiatives that have been developed to support our members which, in turn, helps their bottom line. The initiatives that have been developed cover not only the essential areas of operation, namely Fuel, Oil, Tyres and Insurance, but also support members when they are purchasing vehicles and trailers (financing) and adding improvements to ensure compliance (data and black box technology).

WARTA endeavours to keep all members of the Association up to date with the various initiatives that are being developed and announced, through our regular Member Communiqués.

WARTA Training

The Western Australian Road Transport Association’s Training Division has been delivering training for the Western Australian road transport industry for over thirty five years, and offers a combination of quality; accredited training courses, tailored non-accredited training and other assessment only services, all undertaken by experienced industry specialists.

Training is an integral part of what we offer to our members and the broader road transport industry. By using WARTA’s Training Division you are ensuring the further development of your business, staff and your industry, as the money you spend with us stays within the sector.