“Without road transport WA stops”

WA’s economy and lifestyle is critically dependent on road transport.  Road transport supplies our cities and communities, our businesses, our mines and our farms.  As well as transporting our resources, produce and manufactured goods to market or port.

The Western Australian Road Transport Association (WARTA) has been advocating on behalf of the WA Road Transport Industry for over 100 years.

Engaging Government

WARTA actively engages with the Government, directly or through multiple committees and councils that concern the road transport sector policy, operations or issues, such as the:

  • Ministers Freight Council
  • Freight and Logistic Council
  • Fremantle Ports
  • Over Size Over Mass committee

Representing WA’s Interests

WARTA represents WA’s interests nationally, via representation at:

  • Australian Transport Association
  • Regional and Remote Transport Group

Have a matter you require representation on?

WARTA represents our member’s interests. If you have a concern or issue then please contact our office on (08) 9355 3022.