General News

  • Aug2

    Census Night – Form Pick Up Locations

    By WA Admin

    August 9 is Census night. Our moment to pause and make a difference. This August the Australian Bureau of Statistics are making a conscious effort to ensure drivers are captured in the collection. Do your bit to help us help you and ensure your drivers are informed! The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released a list (available below) of all locations providing paper forms on Cen...

  • Jul18

    Why the buyers of transport services must be charged.

    By Cam Dumesny

    Unless buyers of transport services are the focus of Chain of Responsibility (CoR) prosecutions the legislation will become worthless as a safety measure. Basically the current prosecution regime relies on transport companies to push the CoR laws along the supply chain – i.e. sell the benefits of compliance to buyers.  That is a model that is doomed to fail! Because for every prose...

  • Apr14

    BIC – Tyre Safety Advisory

    By WA Admin

    The Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) in conjunction with input from BIC members, including manufacturers, suppliers and bus operators have released a Tyre Safety Advisory. The Advisory was developed by the bus and coach industry in order to assist bus operators in the adoption of appropriate policies and procedures relating to the safe operation, maintenance and management of bus tyres....

  • Mar29

    SOLAS Update – Draft Marine Order Released by AMSA

    By WA Admin

    SOLAS Update AMSA has finally released a Draft Marine Order 42 for consultation and comments. Fremantle Ports and CCIWA with support of WARTA and CBFCA held Perth’s first SOLAS Verified Export Container Weighing Seminar on 16/03/16. Approximately 180 people attended and they consisted of transport operators, exporters, freight forwarders, custom brokers etc. Presenters included Fremant...

  • Mar14

    WARTA Welcomes the NTC Review on the Increased Mass Limits

    By WA Admin

    The NTC has released proposed reforms for public discussion to the Twin-steer and Tri-Drive mass limits, as well as a review of the Quad Axle limits. However, WA already allows the proposed quad axle group combinations, with a 28.5 tonnes per axle group allowance. So far these have been innovative combinations and as such have undergone WA specific PBS style assessments (not the full NHV...