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    HVO 36 – Bridge Video Supervision Transport Operator Requirements


    HVO 36-2015: 13 March 2015

    Mainroads WA – HVO UPDATE


    Main Roads would like to remind all accredited transport operators, including Special Purpose Vehicle Operators and Conditional four (4) Single Trip Operators who obtain single trip and bridge crossing permits, to ensure they check, understand and comply with the respective conditions of permit.

    In many cases these permits may stipulate and require the operator to conduct Bridge Video Supervision (BVS) as a condition of their permit.

    Where it is stipulated that BVS is a condition of the permit and prior to commencing the permitted journey, transport operators must ensure they have in place the required BVS documentation and use an appropriate recording device(s) as specified in the BVS Conditions, version 03, revised May 2014. These records must be kept up to date and reflect compliance with the specified conditions.

    To assist operators in understanding BVS requirements, all relevant information, including training presentations, conditions, register templates along with FAQs, are available on Main Roads website by following: https://www.mainroads.wa.gov.au/UsingRoads/HeavyVehicles/Video/Pages/Video.aspx


    Operators who require further information or clarification on Bridge Video Supervision can contact Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Officer Rob Imms on 138 486 or via email at hvoaccreditation@mainroads.wa.gov.au

    Michelle Bastian
    A/Executive Director Heavy Vehicle Services

    Last Modified: 14 Mar 2015