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    WATM | September 2014 By Mike Wood THE MOST COMMON question I get asked with the C&E legislation is, “Can you give me a list of Reasonable Steps that I can follow?” Of the course the answer is ‘No’ it all depends what is reasonable at the time. I know I have spoken in the past about Policies and Procedures but in reality Policies and Procedures are heavily tied into ‘Reasonable Steps’. As such I will try to answer the ‘Reasonable Steps’ qu...

  • 09/14 – Industry Award Winner Dave McCarthy


    WATM | September 2014 By Russell McKinnon Winner of the – 2013 BP Professional Freight Driver of the Year Award From there I did furniture removals and as soon as I could get my trailer licence I went back to general freight and I’ve been in B doubles and road trains ever since — tippers, oversize, dangerous goods, anything you could name.” He started early with his dad’s company in Brisbane. “We did Brisbane-Cairns, general freight, mainly no...

  • 09/14 – Port Relationships

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    WATM | September 2014 By Haydn Hampel (WARTA) Transport operators can traditionally deal with ‘most’ parties in the Supply Chain. Good business is based on good relationships, and the stronger the relationships are the easier it is for parties to work through any issues that may come up. A good example of this is aiming to build trust with importers in order to encourage them to give transport operators after hour’s access. After hour’s access enable...


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    WATM | August 2014 By Ian King It is a rare occasion when we don’t hear of something that is being tried, tested, or mandated within the Road Transport world. It goes to show that the Transport Industry is dynamic and proactive. The Road Transport Industry seeks to make changes with an aim of improving practices or just because it is a positive attempt to work smarter. The National Transport Commission (NTC) is one very important ‘cog in the wheel’ of p...