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  • 06/15 – The End of the Beginning

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    WATM | June 2015 By Ian King (WARTA). On the 27th April, we saw the formal implementation of the Compliance & Enforcement (C&E) Legislation into Western Australia. Importantly, WA has considered and acted upon the shortfalls we have seen and heard about with the eastern state jurisdictions before implementation in this state. The manner in which they are still endeavoring to resolve the numerous legal issues and areas that are still being thrash...

  • 06/15 – THE EARLY DAYS | 1912-1913


    WATM | June 2015 By Russell McKinnon. 1912 From the West Australian of February 2: A meeting of merchants and employers affected by the demands of the Horsedrivers’ Union was held at Mr S J McGibbon’s office, Colonial Mutual Chambers, last night, and as the outcome of it a decision was come to which gives every reason to hope that with tact and fair consideration the threatened trouble will be averted. 1912 – WA motoring pioneer Fr...

  • 06/15 – Load Restraint – ‘Load of Old Rope’

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    WATM | June 2015 By Mike Wood (LATUS). For some time, there has been a lot of noise around load restraint on vehicles and in particular the use of ropes. There seems to be a love affair with rope, maybe it is the Boy Scout in all of us. So let me clear up a myth, – Myth – “The use of Rope will be banned under CoR” Ropes will not be banned under Chain of Responsibility and are able to be used in accordance with the NTC Load Restraint Guide. T...

  • 05/15 – Compliance and Enforcement – Bus Operators

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    WATM | May 2015 By Mike Wood (LATUS). C&E/CoR does not stop at the trucking companies and includes bus operators. On the front page of the Road Traffic Bill of 2011 and highlighted is the magic word ‘passengers’. So what does that mean to bus operators? Bus operators must take reasonable steps to ensure that the service they provide meets the criteria of road law and methods are in place to ensure that all reasonable steps are documented and auditable...

  • 05/15 – Industry Award Winner Greg Martin


    WATM | May 2015 By Russell McKinnon. Winner of the – 2013 Freight and Logistics Council WA – Outstanding Contribution to the WA Transport Industry Award Greg Martin, PSM, has a passionate interest in transport reform and more than 40 years’ experience in transport and infrastructure policy and planning, research and operations. As a co-winner of the 2013 Freight and Logistic Council Most Outstanding Contribution to the Transport Industry, Greg has a res...