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  • 05/15 – Christmas is coming early – or is it?

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    WATM | May 2015 By Ian King (WARTA). Must be the time of the year for taking and not giving. Again, we read an Australian Transport News article (Brad Gardner 24th March 2015) highlighting Santa’s desire for seeking Western Australia and the Northern Territory to accept “National Regulations”. Santa a.k.a. the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has forgotten that we, in Australia, live in a democracy. West Australian politicians from both sides of ...

  • 05/15 – The Early Days


    WATM | May 2015 By Russell McKinnon. The first organised efforts to provide the West Australian colony with road links began in October 1831 when the embryo government — a Legislative Council appointed and led by Governor Stirling — appointed a roads overseer at a salary of £8 6s 8p. With the help of local unemployment on a monthly pittance plus substance rations, he was ordered to build the first trunk road, about 68 miles from Perth to York. “Build”...

  • 04/15 – What has this got to do with me?

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    WATM | April 2015 By Ian King (WARTA). On Monday, 27th April 2015, the world of business will be changing for one and all but some more than others. The implementation of the Compliance and Enforcement (C&E) Legislation will come into effect through two pieces of Government legislation, namely the Road Traffic (Administration) Act 2008, which is really where the powers lie and the Road Traffic )Vehicles) Act 2013, which is where the operative provisions of...

  • 04/15 – Reasonable Steps

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    WATM | April 2015 By Mike Wood (LATUS). Recently many companies in the eastern states have asked us to look at their systems as they are starting to identify problems with their CoR service providers. Although they have systems in place, they are still getting prosecutions under CoR. After fully dissected their systems, we observed that they had plenty of certificates within their documentation system, especially training. We began to match their prosecutions ...

  • 04/15 – Introduction to The History of the WA Road Transport Industry


    WATM | April 2015 By Russell McKinnon. The varied history of the Western Australian Road Transport Association stretches more than a century from its humble beginnings at the Port of Fremantle in 1912. From then until now, dedicated transport men have been to the forefront of the issues that confronted the smooth running of business — keeping the wheels of industry turning, to coin a phrase. Road transport in the State had started nearly a century earlier wi...