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  • 04/15 – Industry Award Winner Renee Wickham


    WATM | April 2015 By Russell McKinnon. Winner of the – 2013 NTI Transport Woman of the Year Award For Linfox’s Renee Wickham, safety and training is a passion more than just a job. A Linfox staff member for 14 years, Renee acknowledges many opportunities and a number of mentors on her career journey. She is currently Linfox’s operations manager for resources and industrial based at Hazelmere. She deals with the warehousing receiving and distribution oper...

  • 03/15 – C&E/CoR Starting to Bite

    0315_WATM COVER_204x288

    WATM | March 2015 By Mike Wood (LATUS). In my previous article before Christmas, I advised that the regulations would be out by 23rd December and true to word, they are. So what is happening with the regulations so far? The regulation have been written in a way that embraces the C&E Legislation, in that they both need to be read together to enable the total picture to be appreciated. The Regulations and Legislation is not difficult reading but the informa...

  • 03/15 – Keeping Up to Date with Port Topics


    WATM | March 2015 By Haydn Hampel (WARTA). Fremantle Ports and the WA Road Transport Association are preparing to jointly host a highly informative Transport Operator Information Seminar on current topics that are port-related and of importance to the transport industry. Main Roads WA is also providing support. Transport operators, particularly those who regularly access the port, are encouraged to attend this free event which will be held at the Royal Freman...

  • 03/15 – Industry Award Winner Geoffrey Massey


    WATM | March 2015 By Russell McKinnon Winner of the – 2013 Main Roads WA Safety Initiative Award Environmental health and safety is not something one associates with a concert violinist, but those are the driving forces behind Toll Mining Services’ Geoffrey Massey. Safety by day and music by night. Geoffrey is a member of the Allegri Chamber Orchestra in Perth and has been with numerous ensembles in the United Kingdom. He plays anything from jazz to c...

  • 03/15 – Being COMPLIANT in every sense of the word

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    WATM | March 2015 By Ian King Being compliant in every sense of the word sounds easy, but in practice everything we do is either ‘black or white’. Therefore, acting legally is not an option but a responsibility – isn’t it? Recently we have seen a number of instances within the Transport sector where we have been tested and on the whole come through without too much ‘skin off the knuckles’. The recent Northam roadblock with representatives from WA ...