• 03/15 – Being COMPLIANT in every sense of the word

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    WATM | March 2015
    By Ian King

    Being compliant in every sense of the word sounds easy, but in practice everything we do is either ‘black or white’. Therefore, acting legally is not an option but a responsibility – isn’t it?

    Recently we have seen a number of instances within the Transport sector where we have been tested and on the whole come through without too much ‘skin off the knuckles’.

    The recent Northam roadblock with representatives from WA Police Service, MRWA and Department of Transport officers produced some very interesting results.

    Yes, one recalcitrant driver was allegedly caught with drugs in his/her system (not good should be zero) however, there were many charged for not having vehicles up to an acceptable road worthy standard.

    One would have thought with all the recent publicity that maintenance of the specific item that keeps the business in survival mode is your vehicle fleet.

    To read more, a pdf version of the full article is available for download here.

    This article is from the March 2015 issue of the WA Transport Magazine. The WA Transport Magazine is available directly from the publisher – Angry Chicken Publishing.