• 04/15 – Introduction to The History of the WA Road Transport Industry


    WATM | April 2015
    By Russell McKinnon.

    The varied history of the Western Australian Road Transport Association stretches more than a century from its humble beginnings at the Port of Fremantle in 1912.

    From then until now, dedicated transport men have been to the forefront of the issues that confronted the smooth running of business — keeping the wheels of industry turning, to coin a phrase.

    Road transport in the State had started nearly a century earlier with horse and cart emptying ships from England and other lands and distributing the goods to various parts of the burgeoning State.

    There are stories of how the West was opened, how horse and carts on long journeys carted goods to the outer regions of our vast State.

    The WARTA story starts when motorised transport was in the throes of overtaking the ubiquitous horse and cart; when the State was beginning to move fast now that the gold rush had (not literally) subsided.

    Perth was opening up as a city and Fremantle was the hub of that tidal wave of industrialisation and expansion. Goods in and goods out meant that Fremantle Port had a huge influence on the emergence of WA as a State of purpose, one that was growing exponentially and needed much-needed road transport as much as it needed roads for them to travel upon…

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    This article is from the April 2015 issue of the WA Transport Magazine. The WA Transport Magazine is available directly from the publisher – Angry Chicken Publishing.