• 06/15 – THE EARLY DAYS | 1912-1913


    WATM | June 2015
    By Russell McKinnon.

    From the West Australian of February 2: A meeting of merchants and employers affected by the demands of the Horsedrivers’ Union was held at Mr S J McGibbon’s office, Colonial Mutual Chambers, last night, and as the outcome of it a decision was come to which gives every reason to hope that with tact and fair consideration the threatened trouble will be averted.

    1912 – WA motoring pioneer Francis Birtles became the first person to drive across the continent in his Brush motorcar
    — Fremantle to Sydney.

    Over 100 employers, representing the Perth and Fremantle master carriers and others employing drivers, were present, the meeting lasting until nearly midnight: After exhaustively considering every aspect of the position it was unanimously decided to appoint a committee of 22 to draw up a fresh scale of wages and conditions of labour for each section of the…

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