• 07/15 – C&E and the small operators

    WATM | July 2015
    By Mike Wood (LATUS).

    C&E IS ABOUT ensuring you understand road law, have processes in place to ensure you follow it and systems in place to be able to record what you have done. All of these are related to breaches that could occur on a public road. The difficulty is that it’s all about the interface and transaction between the user of transport and the provider of transport. On the East Coast and now growing in WA, ‘Chain of Responsibility’ is becoming the term for C&E. Why is that?

    Effectively it better describes what is going on within C&E. E.g., if something goes wrong with one single link in the chain then the whole chain has a problem. With each link being a transaction, if a large company engages a single truck to do its work and there is a problem with that ‘transaction’ then the company has a problem. Likewise, if a company engages another company with…

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    This article is from the July 2015 issue of the WA Transport Magazine. The WA Transport Magazine is available directly from the publisher – Angry Chicken Publishing.