• 09/15 – Fremantle Port – it is all happening

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    WATM | September 2015
    By Ian king (CEO WARTA).

    Every day there is a story regarding Fremantle Port and this is understandable considering everyone in this state is dependent upon its activities one way or another.

    Total port trade in 2013-14 surpassed 33.0 million tonnes, 4.5 % up on the previous financial year. This increase was primarily due to a rise in bulk exports of iron ore and grain in the Outer Harbour as well as an increase of containerised cargo in the Inner Harbour.

    Fremantle Port’s total full container trade increased by 8.4% in 2013-14. Full container imports in 2013-14 increased by 3.3%. This increase was driven largely by stronger domestic demand and China’s increased trading with WA. The export of full container exports was up by 18% when compared with 2012-13 mainly due to the rise in hay, waste paper and grain. The commencement in 2013 of project cargo exports to the North West of WA for the Gorgon natural gas project has also contributed to the increase. The total container throughput in 2014-15 is forecast to increase by three percent…

    To read more, a pdf version of the full article is available for download here.

    This article is from the September 2015 issue of the WA Transport Magazine. The WA Transport Magazine is available directly from the publisher – Angry Chicken Publishing.