• 11/15 – The Roaring 20s (Part 3)


    WATM | November 2015
    By Russell McKinnon.

    From The West Australian of February 25: “North West Transport. A more liberal or a special grant for the making of roads and crossings in the North- West was asked for by the Pastoralists’ Association, members of which were introduced by Senator Lynch. It was stated that the combined Federal and State grants amounted to £10,350 last year and that £4000 of that amount had been expended. The difficulties of transport in the great spaces of the North-West were stressed including those of crossing rivers in flood. The country was producing wool and meat and deserved consideration it was urged. Mr Hall, in reply, said that while for many years to come neither the State nor Federal Governments, could give the North-West a decent metalled road for a thousand miles, he was prepared to see that the North-West had a reasonable amount allocated to make its roads passable through sand hills and river crossings, and even assist in connection with bridges. He would try to secure an amendment of the Act that would allow a differential treatment as between States and also between different portions of the State. If a special grant were made to the northern portion of Western Australia, every other State would ask for special giants. He would endeavour to give the North-West a decent amount of the present grant.”

    By 1925, the Model T Ford played a vital role in expanding commercial motor transport in WA. About 2000 vans, trucks and buses were registered in the State…

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