• 11/15 – Viv Hall Ruffling Feathers (Part 2)

    1115_Viv Hall

    WATM | November 2015
    By Russell McKinnon.

    “In my time in transport we did all the Woodside work when they kicked off in Australia — Barrow Island, Onslow and Broome,” says Viv.

    “In our day we were the customs agent, exporter and carrier. Now we are carriers only.

    “I put a bond store into the company when I first arrived and did a customs agency. I started fumigation and bond freight.

    “We used to tow vehicles across the Fremantle traffic bridge to Victoria Quay and fumigate them! It was common practice in those days, despite probably leaving a trail of dirt.

    “I got this land at Rous Head and, with the aid of the Port Authority, we stopped the unions even though I was so close to the port. “The Government wanted the rail to come to the port so they took the land off us eventually. I wasn’t the only one affected.”

    “British Electric Transport, the parent company of United Transport, came to Australia and made acquisitions in Australia and New Zealand…

    To read more, a pdf version of the full article is available for download here.

    This article is from the November 2015 issue of the WA Transport Magazine. The WA Transport Magazine is available directly from the publisher – Angry Chicken Publishing.