• 15/16 – Building Efficiencies


    WATM | January/February 2015
    By Haydn Hampel (WARTA Freight Operations Manager)

    As technology improves the world is changing and for better or worse as the transport industry adapts with these changes the overriding desire to reduce costs and increase efficiency continues. A transparent IT platform has recently come into action which can help industry members who deal with container transport.

    Containerchain’s ‘eGate’ was launched late 2015 across a number of empty container parks in Melbourne as well as Qube Container Park (QCP) in Fremantle.

    Founded eight years ago by industry, for industry, Containerchain is designed to bring structure to the chaotic nature of returning empty containers to the wharfs around Australia. This
    innovation has been designed to share information between transport operators and empty container depots as well as improve container depot operations.

    Containerchain’s new ‘eGate’ is an App for Smartphone’s and Tablets that connects container truck drivers with empty container depots, their own transport operations, and other parts of the container logistics supply chain…

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    This article is from the January/February 2016 issue of the WA Transport Magazine. The WA Transport Magazine is available directly from the publisher – Angry Chicken Publishing.