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    WATM | December 2014
    By Mike Wood

    Recently in our Asian office, I had a meeting with a prominent manufacturer and we discussed Knowledge and Skills. I offered him an option to get all his staff and workers Certificates for what they do. I got a surprising response when he said, “I am not interested in Certificates.” I was taken aback and eventually responded, “But education has always been held in high regard in this part of the world, why not the Certificate?” 

    He responded, “You offered ‘Certificates’ in your initial statement – not education.” Exploring the situation further, his comments were as equally surprising. He told me in Australia the Certificate, Diploma or Degree means everything and we totally focus on the ‘Certificate’ as the be all and end all.

    He went on to say, that in reality the Certificate is worthless and is only a summary and confirmation of what skills and knowledge a person has achieved. Although I tend to agree with him, we have seen so many sites that rely on the Certificates from a Training Program…

    To read more, a pdf version of the full article is available for download here.

    This article is from the December 2014 issue of the WA Transport Magazine and is available directly from the publisher – Angry Chicken Publishing.